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     Cupcakes continue to be a trend popping up at events. With more than 25 years of creating custom wedding cakes and cupcakes, some brides question if cupcakes are a wonderful alternative to a decorated cake.  Primarily, cupcakes are better suited for showers, events with finger food, and children’s parties.  Though many brides have ordered cupcakes for weddings, more often than not, brides continue to want a traditional wedding cake with their personal touch to it.  After listening to prospective brides’s comments why they would rather not have wedding cupcakes, I thought I would share some of their comments to help guide you.  I will add more as more comments come in.  Cupcakes or a wedding is your choice !  


It will look like a cheaper version; cutting corners
Some look over or under decorated
Looks like a children’s affair, rather than a wedding
Too messy!  I’d feel weird using my hands or a fork with a cupcake at a wedding!
Though some look pretty with the satin, I think it is more appropriate for a shower, not a wedding.
People say they look cute, but when they walk away, people say ‘guess they ran out of money’.
An elegant cake makes a do kids’ cupcakes.
Cupcakes can never take the place of a wedding cake....the focal point of the wedding, besides the bridal couple.
I hear ‘cute” when people talk about cupcakes.  I want people to say, ‘wow..look at THAT wedding cake’.
  I am traditional...cupcakes would never make it for my wedding cake.
 Cupcakes were fine when I was a kid, I have always looked forward to my wedding and cutting my wedding cake.
  I am not trendy.
  My fiance loves wedding cake.
  Cupcakes for my wedding?....NEVER!
  It is classier to have a wedding cake.
  Seems like a cop out...people expect a wedding cake.
  People grab the cupcakes thinking they are part of the buffet.....looks terrible when it is time to cut that small cake on top.
  You need extra cupcakes if you have different flavors...gets pricey.
  Little kids grab and drop them on the floor...hate that.
  My father would think I lost my mind if I didn’t have a wedding cake, and served cupcakes instead.
  Looks silly having one dumb cupcake on my plate..would much rather have a piece of wedding cake.
  Wedding cakes are more traditional....that’s it!
  Sometimes it is more expensive to get cupcakes when you add up all the flavors and set up...just not worth it...for cupcakes.
  A cupcake is a cupcake....but a wedding a wedding matter what it looks like.
  Cupcakes or a wedding cake?  Are you kidding?  My grandmother would take me out of her will!
  My fiance said the only thing that matters is that he has “a good wedding cake, and don’t even think about cupcakes”.
  I have been waiting my whole life to have my wedding and all the trimmings..and that means a real wedding cake, too.  
  (Father to his daughter)  You’re not going to embarrass the family with cupcakes.
  Cupcakes don’t hold a candle to a wedding way..never.
  I would not even entertain the idea of serving my guests cupcakes at my wedding...silly idea.
  My guests would expect a really outstanding wedding cake to go with everything I am doing....cupcakes would never fit in..never...never...just never.
  Cupcakes aren’t the look for my wedding..sorry.
  I would cut corners on other things before I cut on the wedding cake.
  (Friend of bride to bride)  I agreed to pay for a wedding cake..not some substitute cupcake wedding cake.
  Cupcakes are no matter how they decorate the stand or put a small cake on top to cut.
  Cupcakes are fine for the shower, but definitely not fine for my wedding.
  There is something special about cutting into the wedding cake and the ceremony....would hate to miss that tradition.
  I have allocated money in our budget for a wedding cake to be served at the reception as our dessert.  Cupcakes  seem more for a buffet..nothing really special about that, even if they are decorated nicely. and taste wonderfully.  
  We are a tall couple, and I want a tall cake....not a tower of cupcakes.
  The wedding cake is the ultimate..nothing beats the wedding cake..the King of Cakes...or should I say the Queen of Cakes?!
 People understand eating one piece of cake....having cupcakes, they expect to eat more than one..drives up the cost when you add it all up.
  We are not cupcake people....and my guests are not cupcake people.
  My grandfather said cupcakes are like  putting a mink stole on a pig....get it?
  I’ll get sheet cakes before I embarrass myself and serve cupcakes.
  Cupcakes are not an option ~ my future  mother in law was pretty emphatic about that.
  I can make cupcakes at home, but need a professional to make my wedding cake.
  I want my day to be perfect...and a wedding cake that is simple and elegant will be the finishing touch!
  My friends tell me not to do the cupcake thing...isn’t all that it is cracked up to be....doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as a wedding cake.
  I think a wedding cake is so special..and I want mine to be extra special..and designing a wedding cake will do that for me.....cupcakes are not special enough, as cute as they are.
  (Father of bride to his future son in law)  I can see you..a big guy holding a little cupcake and feeding my beautiful daughter them all laugh at will look so silly.  Don’t do it...don’t even think of it.
  The kids will love them..the adults will talk about them..and us...don’t need that, too!  Heard enough about the wedding plans.
  Some say do what you want, and forget what other people think...I care about my guests...and want them to have a wonderful day to celebrate with us......not distracted talking about cupcakes of all things!
  The only thing that is important to me with the wedding plans is that I have a wedding cake.  We can do whatever he wants, but I want my wedding cake and I don’t care how much I have to pay for it...we are doing it.  That’s how important my wedding cake is to me.  We’re having a pig roast with all his biker friends, but I insisted on a Cakes by Karin wedding cake.
  My aunt went to a wedding and said the cupcake idea didn’t go over well, but no one wanted to hurt the bride’s feelings and tell her we really would have rather had a piece of cake, than cupcakes.  The bride thought it was such a cute idea...but no one else thought the same....too bad..she paid a pretty penny for it, too.
  It is whatever you want, but not my style.  My friends agree....cupcakes will not work for us.
  Cupcakes serve a purpose, but if I was out of money, I’d rather have good sheet cakes and have the smaller wedding cake.  
  I like cupcakes for a treat..not for my wedding cake.
  You can’t beat a good wedding favorite.
  Can you see us slicing into a wedding cupcake and feeding each other....he’d call me ‘Cupcake’ forever!  That is not going to happen!
  No matter what size cupcake you serve at a wedding, it is always wrong, wrong, wrong.
  Wedding cake is much better for a wedding.
  (Mother to her daughter) Cupcakes at  wedding?..never heard of such a dumb idea.....who’s idea was that ?
  It is a creative idea, but I’d rather have a creative wedding cake.
  My fiance would leave me at the alter if I ordered cupcakes for our wedding cake.
  I like the elegance of a wedding cake...majestic.
  I want to cut into the cake and keep the anniversary cake...not cut into it like they do with cupcake wedding cakes.
  I want my wedding cake simple, but elegant...not cupcakes where your eyes see double looking at all those cupcakes.  
  With all that I can get with a custom wedding cake with you (Karin), why would I settle for cupcakes for my wedding cake? I’d be foolish.
  I think of little girls having a party with cupcakes....not a wedding cake idea I want to have.
  Leave the cupcakes for the school parties, not for our wedding reception.
  Cupcakes are messy, it appears cheap, and lower class. Geezz, are times that tough?  Wow, at that stage just run off and get married.
  Well, just personally, I think cupcakes for a wedding is just plain tacky... it looks childish to me..
  It is a novelty idea, just like Krispy Creme doughnut wedding cakes.  If they suit the couple, great, but a sleek, well designed, well presented wedding cake is what pops. 
  That cupcake wedding thing is appalling. It looks like they couldn't afford a cake. Hopefully it will go out of style soon.
  Who has cupcakes at a wedding?!
  There are so many cool designs for cakes now......isn’t that unusual enough?
  That is the dumbest idea I ever heard of...cupcakes for a wedding cake...not for us.
  Cupcakes remind me of a grade school holiday party, not the biggest day of my wedding!
  No matter how creative the cupcake is, nor the outside liner they are showing...they are still forget the idea for my wedding.
  Someone got the idea to use cupcakes...hope it goes away..hate the idea for a wedding.
  With a cake you can always cut smaller pieces if you have more guests...with cupcakes...once they are gone...they are gone.
  Cupcakes are fine for tea parties, but not for matter how much they dress them up.
  With all the funky flavors on tv with cupcakes...glad I don’t go to those weddings!  Nothing beats a great wedding cake.
  Cupcakes look too goofy for a wedding.
  It looks so kiddish to have cupcakes at a wedding.  It is such a dumb idea.
  I’m NOT paying for cupcakes at my daughter’s wedding!!!
  Most weddings I went to had dry cupcakes.  Yours are moist, but I still don’t want to have cupcakes.
  I’d hate to pay for the expensive cupcake liners...what a waste of money....I’d rather pay for a cake.
  A wedding with cupcakes and not a big wedding cake?  Hell no!  My friends would think I am so cheap!
  That is such a stupid idea to have cupcakes.  My frat brothers would make so much fun of me...not happening.
  I’d rather cut on something else and have a great wedding cake than to have cupcakes..of all things!
  Cupcakes are a cheap way of having a “wedding cake”....pretty crappy idea.
  I can afford a wedding cake...not going to give my guests cupcakes, no matter what the trend setters or magazines say.
  A wedding cake is symbolic....always has been, and that is what we want...NOT cupcakes no matter how cute they are!
  I’ve seen cupcakes at weddings before and they are not something I would like.  Plus.....heard too many people make negative comments about the idea of having cupcakes instead of wedding cakes.  I’d rather they talk about how great my wedding cake is.
 Cupcakes are so messy...who’d want them?
 Cupcakes I can make at home...not a wedding cake!
  I’m so tired of Cupcake Wars and all the cupcake hype.  They can never replace a great wedding cake.
  Kate and William’s wedding had a wedding cake...not cupcakes.  I want to feel like a princess on our special day.
  Cupcakes for a shower are more appropriate than for my matter what the magazines say.
 You’ve been making our family and friends cakes for years......and finally I get to have my own wedding forget any idea of cupcakes...just forget it.
  I think cupcakes are not elegant enough.
  Stupid idea.
  I’ve seen it done and I think it can’t compare to one of your wedding cakes.  
  Your wedding cakes are a centerpiece.....and that is what we want.....not some cupcake tree or whatever people are calling them....just don’t like them for our wedding.  We want something special for our special day..and it won’t be cupcakes!
  Cupcakes for a wedding are so 2005ish.
  (From a groom)  My frat brothers would never let me forget it if I had foo foo matter how great they looked or tasted.....a great tasting wedding cake is what I want....even if it has pink on it!
  I’m not paying for cupcakes for my daughter’s wedding.....cupcakes are not an option..period!
  Cupcakes are the dumbest idea....whoever thought of them must be so juvenile.
  Your mini cupcakes are perfect for the shower....but not appropriate for our wedding.
  Our friends say that they should have had a wedding cake instead of cupcakes......doesn’t do it for them like they imagined the cake would have done it. People thought it looked cute.....but then said they felt like they were at a school party.
  I am so tired of the cupcake war shows and the crazy trend.  When the economy gets better, people will want the real wedding cake then.  They are rationalizing that they like them, thinking they will save money.  I can’t see it.  I’d rather cut corners on the photographer and have you make my wedding cake.
 Don’t mention cupcakes....hope people get is not a look for a wedding comparison.
  Forget it....not interested in cupcakes.....the small ones look like ones for a shower, and the regular size ones look like what we had in grade school.  I have always looked forward to a wedding cake and I am going to have one.
  I know you can have all kinds of flavors and they look cute, but I’d rather have a simple, elegant wedding cake.
  Today’s brides will regret not having a real wedding cake.....cupcakes are not good enough to replace a wedding cake.  I don’t care how great they are decorated.  It is not the same.
  I HATE the idea of cupcakes for a wedding cake!!!!  That is such a stupid idea..hate it..hate it!
  We had a vote and the wedding cake no cupcakes.....we’re going for the best wedding cake we can get!!!
  Disappointing.  I hate the idea of my daughter not having a wedding cake.
  My boyfriend said I could have whatever I wanted for our wedding... but NO CUPCAKES!!!!
  Cupcakes are too messy, sticky frosting fingers, mouths filled is not glamorous to look at....definitely not what I want to look at!
  It looks terrible when the people take the cupcakes from the display too early.
  So many people will ask “Where’s the cake?!”  I heard that at a wedding I went to and I felt badly for the bride.
  It is not something my guests will think I would have...too cutesy....not professional looking to serve cupcakes.  I don’t even want them at my shower!  I will have many corporate guests.
  We figured we would not save anything because we would need more cupcakes than cake servings.  People don’t usually ask for another slice of cake, but will take more than one cupcake.
  I’m tired of cupcake wars tv shows...tired of the whole cupcake thing...too much of a fad...nothing as special as a well designed wedding cake.
  Cupcakes for a wedding are so strange.  You go along with it so you don’t upset the bride....but I think it is SOOO STRANGE.
  Brides think they are trendy....I think they can be more unique by having a unique cake designed..that is why we came to you....we didn’t want the typical wedding cake..we wanted something very only get married once.....well....who knows..but the plan is to get married once!
  Where’s the cake?  Only cupcakes?  How dumb!  No, we want a real wedding cake, a designer wedding cake and we are willing to pay for it.
  Dumb idea.
 Really?  How odd is that?  I thought I heard that was going on, but didn’t think people seriously would even consider that crazy idea.  I know my future son-in-law would never stand for that.
  No way....we like to eat cake and like the look of a wedding cake.  I have spent alot of money on my wedding dress...not going to skimp on the look of cupcakes at my wedding.
  I don’t know why people do that...I think it looks so showerish or schoolish.
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